The Deacons of FSBC

Chuck Cawby

Vernon Cress

Mike Pilcher

Deacons must be members in good standing of FSBCGC and possess the qualifications
stated in 1 Timonthy 3:8-10, 12-13:
  1. A man of dignity, worthy of respect;
  2. Sincere, not double-tongued, not a liar, not a gossip, not two-faced;
  3. Not indulging in much wine;
  4. Not pursuing dishonest gain, not fond of dishonest gain;
  5. Keep hold of the deep truths of the faith with a clear conscience;
  6. Must be tested, above reproach:
    1. Temperate;
    2. Self-controlled;
    3. Not a recent convert;
  7. Faithful to his wife;
  8. Must manage his children and household well;
The deacons shall advise and be ready to assist the Council of Elders in any service that shall support and promote the ministry of the Word, new and existing ministries of the church, and the care for the members of the congregation.  Deacons are the servant-ministers of the church.  Their purpose is to relieve the Elders of the multitude of practical duties of caring for the flock.  Deacons are to give their primary attention toward caring for the congregation’s physical welfare.  Deacons have the honor of modeling, for the local church and the lost world, God’s compassion, kindness, mercy, and love.  As the church compassionately cares for people’s needs, the world sees a visible display of Christ’s love, which will draw some people to the Savior.  Deacons are to be an example of commitment, unity, and harmony in their service.  Although they do in many ways meet spiritual needs of those whom they serve, their primary service is related to physical needs